Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why this week?

So, it all starts EEEEAAAAARRRRLLLLYYYY on Saturday with Luke throwing up. By 1pm, he was pretty good, just very tired. No more throw ups!! Yay!! Still had some tummy issues but otherwise ok. He even wanted pizza for dinner that same, that's what he got!! Did fine!

Sunday he was 24hours puke free.....and WE! WERE! STIR! CRAZY! So, off we go to the Home Builders show (Daddy's company had a booth so we got in free!). Spent some time there, wandering aimlessly but out of the house!! :-)

On our way out, Luke got a peppermint. That boy LOVES him some peppermint. Anyway, we're be-bopping on home and I happened to look in the backseat and Luke has started gagging. The peppermint has lodged in his throat and he VOMITS to get it dislodged. Well, in Alan's attempt to stop the car, we slammed a curb with the tire. We get pulled over and Luke is ok, rattled but ok. We go look at the tire and sure 'nuff.....a big gouge out of it. Fortunately it's not bubbling when water is poured over it so we know there's NO hole! We make our way, SLOWLY, to Sears. Sears says, yep you need to replace it BUT we're covered up.....try again tomorrow.
Go back to Sears on Monday, HALLELUJAH we bought the road hazzard warranty last year when we got new tires!!! Yeeehaw!!! All we paid for was the alignment and an oil change(we need that anyway). Whew!!!
Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon. Beautiful day - the boys are outside grilling pork chops while Sydney and I are in the kitchen making the rest of our dinner. Suddenly I hear, "KRIS, Luke's POOPED on the trampoline." Yep, that tummy is not quite ready for jumping like that yet. Luke comes in the house, walking like Frankenstein. Looks at me at says - "Momma, I have poop in my sock!!!" Off to the shower......hoping and praying that this is the end of the yucks! We are going to Disney on Friday and want to leave that junk here!!!
I'm in there cleaning him up and AJ comes running in. Alan as cut the backside of his fingers on a nail in the fence while throwing the hose back over it for AJ to roll it up. It wasn't bad but it was all 4 fingers which are now all band-aided up. Fortunately, he's had a tetnus shot in the past few years, so we are good on that.
Now, it's almost 4am. I'm sitting in the living room blogging. The washer is running and Alan is in the recliner. At became his turn.......UGH!!! It's gonna be another LOOONG day!!!

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