Saturday, August 22, 2009

WHEW! What a week!!!

Ok, here's the rundown:

  1. Job falls in my lap on Tuesday. Since I had not heard from the company that I *REALLY* wanted to work for, I took this other job. They wanted me to start on Wednesday.
  2. Start on Wednesday and by lunchtime, I realized that I was in WAAAAAAAAAAY over my head!!!! That same afternoon, the company that I interviewed with last Friday offers me the job. I explain to them that since I had never heard anything from them, I had taken another offer because I needed to work. I am so in far over my head that.....
  3. When I go to work on Thursday my heart rate is 127 and I feel an SVT attack coming on really quickly. By 11:00 I realize this job is SOOOOO not for me!!! I explain to the management that I just can't do it and that they would have to find someone else.
  4. I call Teledyne Brown to inquire whether they had filled the position and they had NOT, so they RE-OFFER me the job and immediately begin making arragements for me start on Wednesday Aug 26!!!! I felt like a million pounds was off my shoulders!!!!
  5. Exhaled and enjoyed Friday!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hmmmmm, decisions decisions ---

I don't know what to do about this job ----
it's just very very overwhelming!!!
I am just gonna pray that I can make a clear decision!!!

I asked for it and here it is!!!!

I've been at home since Sydney came home last November. It's been great and since she went to "school" in May to help with her development and socialization, I have been ready to go back to work. With the summer upon us and many plans already made, I decided I'd just have to wait until school started back.
After our beach trip in July, I looked and looked. I applied and applied. FINALLY!! An interview and it went great --- oh shucks, not enough hours and it was 35 minutes from home. So, I started again. ANOTHER INTERVIEW....never heard anything, although it went GREAT too.
Suddenly, a job literally lands in my lap yesterday!!! HOW EXCITING!!! It's back with interview company #1 and it's 40 hours a week. Going back in FULL TIME right off the bat. I'll be working for a local mortgage company as a "pre-pocessor"(for lack of a better term). As the files come in, I'll be ordering title work, appraisals, pay offs, etc. I'm excited - I've never done this type work but they are more than happy to train me!!! How cool is that!! :-)
If I don't blog about my "first day of work" then you'll know I'm exhausted and have fallen asleep........

Friday, August 14, 2009

Testing 123 Testing 123 - Is this thing on?


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Last fall, my friend Lisa's WHOLE life changed. She was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer. After the initial shock wore off, Lisa vowed to
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Well, and she is a
so she rocks!! :-)
Since the minute she was diagnosed, Lisa has jumped in with both feet to help educate others. She has supported people in the same place, researched tirelessly, volunteered and has fought to overcome every obstacle thrown in front of her. All the while trying to keep her 2 kids lives as normal as possible!! Now it's time for her efforts to TRULY pay off!! Lisa has decided to start her own website to be a wealth of knowledge for those people who need the same help she did.
In order to get the best possible design for her site
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You'll be glad you did........ THANKS!!!!
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****To sweeten the pot, if you vote for my friend Lisa, leave me a comment. I will pick a winner after the contest is over and send you a "prize" for supporting my sweet friend in her journey to help others fight breast cancer!!!****

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hoping to find my feet again ---

Wow and DANG IT, it's been a VERY ROUGH SUMMER!!!! I've been a little off kilter this past month or so. I've got so many things that I want to blog but with my mother in law's passing on July 4; Deana's passing on 7/27 and some other stuff going on at Casa de Jones, I just haven't had the energy. I barely move off the couch b/c I just have nothing left right now!
Show me some love and tell your friends about my blog. I'm trying to grow it and get into some sponsorships give aways.
Anyone want to hook me up to get me started???
Monday I am turning over a new prepared, or maybe afraid!!! Look for new posts, pictures, give-aways, etc.