Monday, March 16, 2009


Ok, the CROWDS WERE HORRIBLE!!! H!O!R!R!I!B!L!E! because the weather was PERFECT for being outside!!! Animal Kingdom really is the best place to be able to get close to the characters. We saw Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Baloo. The kids had a BLAST!!!

Kilamanjaro Safari was AWESOME!!! Animals were very active because it was soooooo mild out. The temp was perfect. We even saw a white Rhino RIGHT BY THE ROAD where our jeep passed by. VERY COOL!! Lots of gazelles. Saw a cheetah, a lion and a giraffe. There were a couple elephants and a sweet baby elephant in the field.

We also waited for about 30 minutes to go watch "Festival of the Lion King" and I am so glad we did!! The kids just LOOOOOOOOVED it!!! They were enthralled by the entire thing!! Afterwards, the bigger guys rode Expedition Everest and they loved it!!

And you simply cannot forget MICKEY'S JAMMIN' JUNGLE PARADE!!! God provided us with front row seats!!! Not once but twice!!! Me and the GT's watched the parade while the big guys went and rode Everest. We happened upon a FABULOUS spot...AGAIN!! As soon as the parade was over, we were heading over to the Safari to meet the big guys and as SOON as we went to the "edge of Africa" to be the beginning of the parade, they roped us in...soooo, we watched it AGAIN on the front row!!! The little ones loved it!!!

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Animal Kingdom 2009

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