Saturday, March 14, 2009

And awaaaaaaaay we go.......

We were out the door at 2:30. Headed for "The Happiest Place" on earth!!! No naps for the little bits and they gladly obliged our request to sleep in the car. Instead of driving the WHOLE way today, we determined we needed to stop 1/2 way. So, after 7 hours in the car, we stopped in Albany, Georgia. Who knew we could fit that many people in one hotel "suite" comfortably!! :) We highly recommend Country Inn & Suites there!!! New hotel with GREAT staff and ammenities.

After a hotel continental breakfast we were up and on the road again around 9am. After a few potty stops, we arrived at Fort Wilderness around 2:30pm. YAY!! A couple minutes to check in and we were on our way to our cabin - 2309 Shawnee Bend. Cute little cabins that are just enough for 6 people since all we really do is sleep there! :) Definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to "rough it"....hahahahaa!!

Do you think that this really lasted????, it didn't!

Watch out Mickey, here we come!!!!


Jill said...

I love that these posts are a series. I can't wait to see the rest of them. Such cute pictures of your family!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

looks like a wonderful start to a great trip!