Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Marina Fun ~ Pony Rides at the Resort

Today we decided to hang out at the resort for a little while in the morning. Just a more laidback approach to the day. We went down to the resort Marina and killed some time. The boys all road the Speed Raycer boats, the little ones played in the sand for the first time, the "teens" played at the waters edge after the boats and we ate an INSANELY OVERPRICED meal at the resort restaurant!! Sydney got her first "real" booboo when she fell on the deck. We had to go get band-aids from the rental office. Overall though, everyone had a blast!!!

After being sucked dry for lunch, we decided to do horseback riding. We were all sooo excited since the little ones had never ridden a horse before and us big ones wanted to too!!! We were also looking for the petting zoo on the resort (which we never found) and came across the kid sized ponies!!! OH! MY! GOODNESS! WHAT! A! FIND!! $5 a child and you lead them around the corral!! My two little ones were STINKING thrilled with this! Sydney was trying to get on Luke's with him but we kept having to stop her. It was so funny!!! They had so much fun and did REALLY well!!

We got done with the ponies and headed back up the riding stables. As we approached them, 2 ladies and a photographer with Disney Resorts PR came up and asked if we'd like to be in their magazine. UH YEAH!! They wanted us to get on the horses, hang out for some camera shots etc. We discover that we need to go check in at the office area and then come back up for saddling up/photos. Upon getting to the office, Alan found out it was $46 PER PERSON for 45 minutes!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? ARE THEY TRIPLE CROWN WINNERS? Siiiiiigh, seeing as how we weren't paying $180 to ride and be in the magazine, we headed to the bus stop for a trip to Downtown Disney instead.


Valerie said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome vacation! I wouldn't of paid $180 to ride horses either. The magazine people should of paid your way since they wanted you in their mag!

Tonya Boster said...

Loved the pics! Looked like you all had loads of fun.

Leanne Helums said...

What fun. I love watching your kiddos grow. The trip looked like soooo much FUN!!! I love the t-shirts.