Thursday, March 12, 2009

I don't like these type updates -

This is the latest on my sweet friend Deana!! PLEASE KEEP PRAYING.....PLEASE!!!


I am not going to lie, this is a tough update to write, but Deana wants me to share.

Deana's OK, but we've come to another obstacle, which we WILL overcome. The doctors have not been able to isolate the viral, bacterial or fungal illness in Deana's bloodstream and she has developed respitory failure to a point where she is now intubated. For at least the next 3-5 days, Deana will be on a ventilator (tube down her trachea) for breathing. There is a lot of fluid in Deana's lungs and her cough is pronounced and creates incredible pain for her, so the doctors advised that we intubate, allow pain medication to do its job and the antibiotics to do their job.
Deana and I spoke to our boyz this morning before the procedure. When we hung up, I kissed her, and was ushered out of the room. When I returned, Deana was unconscious but restful, with even more equipment, lines and tubing attached.

Doctors have also opted to put in a "central line" in her femerol vein (thigh) because Deana's blood pressure is just too low and her veins are not cooperative with the IV lines (for blood, platelets, and fluids) attached to her central venous catheter (CVC or PICC). Deana will be semi-unconscious during this time. Her heart rate is very high and her blood pressure is susceptible to dropping more. Doctors are taking every precaution.

The nurse told me Deana would probably not wake up much, if at all, over the next three days. Then, just as I was about to leave the room, as the nurses were washing Deana and changing her sheets, Deana awoke. She made eye contact with me. I grasped her hand gently and told her how much I love her and I saw her try to form the same words with her lips amidst all the tubes and tape, then she closed her eyes and went back to sleep. Deana is the strongest person I know and has A LOT MORE FIGHT IN HER.

Deana and I have befriended many people at the hospital, but one stands out among the rest. He's a young CNA, in his early 20s, and has a fantastic personality. He and I laughed incessantly about one-liners in movies we both like and Deana just loved having him around (no he does not look like Sam Elliot, more like Denzel Washington).

The reason I mention George, is today was his first day working in ICU. I came up behind him and greeted him, as he was standing just outside Deana's room. He seemed to be in a mild state of shock. "Jack," he said. "She was fine a couple days ago, what's happened. This is @#$* unbelievable" I told him what occurred and he became speechless. He then told me this was his first day in ICU, and it was hard. I placed my hand on his shoulder and I told him to look to Deana for strength, and to have a great day.

Hug your family, and do it often. Thank you for your countless prayers, as they fill Deana's lungs with hope and strength. They also see me through, hour by hour.

Much love,
Jack and Deana

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