Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The first thing he said when he walked into the room was "This was a tough one." He gave us lots of details and here are a few.

The first "tough" part was that she had a fever of 101 after she was asleep. They will be keeping an eye on that over the next few days.

The other "tough" part was her developing a funny heart rhythm. They almost had to shock her heart. Right before they put the paddles on, her heart started beating normally. (Thank you for everyone that was praying for her during this unknown time...Praise the Lord!)

The VSD was very, very large. He was able to patch it and there is currently no leaking around the patch.

The cleft in the mitral valve was very peculiar. The tissue is normally very thick, but hers was very thin and this made things a little more difficult. He was able to stitch the cleft and it seems to be leaking less.

For some reason her tricuspid valve is now leaking a little more than it was before surgery. The head of cardiology looked at this and does not think it is because of the stitching around the VSD. It will need to be closely monitored.

They attached the wiring for the pacemaker. This was planned because children with L-transposition are at a higher risk for heart block.

She still has some bleeding that they will watch over the next couple of hours.
They had to give her a blood transfusion because she was anemic. (We knew there was a good chance of her needing a transfusion because she is so small.)

Lord willing, she will be waking up and off the ventilator around 5 tonight.

After the doctor was done giving us an update and answering questions, Aaron shook his hand and Erica gave him a hug. When he left we had a sweet time of prayer and thanksgiving. Thank you Lord for your loving care. We give You all the praise!
My dear friend Erica's daughter, YouYou (pronounced YOYO), is having her first open heart surgery this morning at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers today. The surgery will last approximately 5 hours. Here is the link to YouYou's surgery blog. Please follow it and comment if you wish. They feel the prayers!!

I will update this post as details come in.......

YouYou in her "chariot"

YouYou just chillin' and waiting. Look at the way her little leg is crossed and her toe sticks out!! She is a prisspot for sure!!! I can't wait to get YouYou and Sydney together to play!!

Erica and I are in BIG trouble!!!

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