Sunday, March 15, 2009

Magic Kingdom

(Montage added to the bottom of this post....turn on your sound!)

Let's just start with this ..............................


It was crowed and hot and crowded.......did I mention crowded? REALLY REALLY CROWDED!!! But it was FUN!!!! We walked what seemed like about 100 miles!!! It was really only about 10 I bet but when you get there at 10:30am and don't leave till 9:30pm, it seems like you walked across the US!!!!

Sydney was really too small for most everything except the trains, Blue Line and the like but I tell you what, she had a blast too!!! She did EVERYTHING she was big enough for and was just a sweetie ALL DAY!!! The kids areas were so crowded that it really was hard to wait in line for much.

My youngest son has proven what we already suspected......he is FEARLESS!!! The faster the rollercoaster, the better he liked it!! The more he wanted to ride it!!! He has a need for speed!!! He rode Goofy's Barnstormer(little kid coaster), Big Thunder Mountain, played on the climbing/sliding stuff near Town Hall in ToonTown.......he rode everything twice because we had the parent swap!! That is ONE COOL FEATURE!!!

Aaron surprised us all..........he has become pretty fearless too!!! Space Mountain, Big thunder Mountain, Barnstormer. Other rides that I'm sure I am forgetting!! He says he found his INNER DAREDEVIL!! Great, like being a teenager isn't crazy enough! :-)
The 2 cooooolest things on earth happened to us while at WDW:
On Sunday night we were riding the train back to Main Street to head out. Well, overhead comes the conductor - IF YOU'LL LOOK TO YOUR EAST....YOU CAN SEE DISCOVERY AS IT LAUNCHES!!! HOLY COW!! We saw spaceshuttle Discovery ascending .... up over the trees.....into space!! We watched until we simply couldn't see it anymore. Such an awesome experience!!! AWEEEEEEEEEEEEESOME!!!! Unfortunately, it all happened so fast we couldn't get the camera out in time. Darn it!
As we were leaving the station, we come up on the Main Street roundabout. It was almost time for the 8pm Luminations Parade. We'd never been there to see the parade so I looked at my EXHAUSTED hubby and said, Please...let's stay!! He said ok. We stop a Cast Member named Christina(Atlanta, GA) and asked where we were in relation to the route.
Well, low and behold.....the BEGINNING of the parade was literally 100 yards away and we walked up on an EMPTY spot RIGHT on the street!! It was perfect. We were dead on in front of the castle at the other end. It was spectacular. We watched the children watch the light parade in awe. Even the big kids. I really didn't think the night could get any better.....until:
I got to chatting with Cast Member Christina and our adoptions came up. The Reader's Digest version was told. Along with a few tears from both of us by the end!! Anyway, at the end of the parade, she approached us with celebration buttons. Alan and I had ones that say: "HAPPILY EVER AFTER" and then all of us got one that says: "I am celebrating our family being together". The italicized section is what was written in by Christina for our family specifically!! It was really the perfect end to the perfect day!!!


Aaron and Erica said...

I'm with you Kristi...I absolutely LOVE Disney World!!! It is definitely a magical place, largely due to the fact that the staff gives such good Customer Service.

How cool is it that you got to see the shuttle take off? Aaron just said the other day that he would love to see a take off one day but it would be so hard to plan because you never know when it will be cancelled.

Glad you guys had a blast...


Jill said...

I'm so glad you got to go. When the girls are tall enough to ride everything we should all go together!!! Thanks for sharing your magical journey!

Kristine said...

I loved the montage, Kristi! There is no place better than Disney World!!!!!!

Kristi Thomas said...

OMG.. I have chills & tears from the buttons.. isn't life grand.
Almost makes me want to adopt again...almost.