Saturday, February 28, 2009

A HOPE-FILLED update on Deana....

Here is the latest from Jack ---


Dear family and friends,

Deana had a pretty good day yesterday, all things considered. We took her down to get out of that hospital room and she and her parents listened to a children's jazz band-of-sorts while I went back to the hotel to get showered up.

Deana's oncology team came in to reiterate the complex treatment facing Deana. At that time the doctors still didn't know exactly what treatment they wanted to pursue.

That has since changed! Deana begins her chemotherapy today. Today is a VERY big day for Deana. The doctors are going to try something DIFFERENT than what Scripps suggested, and this is giving us a lot of hope. Please keep Deana in your prayers today.

Deana's pain management is getting better too. Chronic pain doctors have spent a lot of time listening to Deana and have modified her pain medication. It's making a big difference.

Have a great day everyone,

Love Jack and Deana

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Here is the latest update on my dear friend Deana. This is what her hubby, Jack, posted on their Caring Bridge site.....please please pray for God's hand to be on this family. Pray for a miracle.
Deana and I met with her Lymphoma specialist today. The doctor agrees with Deana's previous doctor on the EPOCH chemotherapy protocol, and frankly shares his concern for its viability. The two previous protocols were much more promising.Clinical trials are most likely a not an option for us as Deana's central nervous system is under duress from Burkitt's and she has thus far endured a mixture of different chemo drugs. Most clinical trials are single drug trials.
STILL, we march forward! Deana and I will not give up hope, however slight our chances. We have decided to stay here in the hopes that the doctors see or experience something different that the Scripps team did not. We need your prayers, now more than ever.
Deana will be admitted tonight into the hospital as they begin more preliminary testing. Chemo won't start until this weekend. Right now it's focus on Deana's increasing pain and constant nausea.
We love you all and agreed now is as just as good a time as any to get this post out. We're devastated, but NOT beaten. We will not give up or in.
Our boys are being taken good care of and Deana's parents are working on travel arrangements to join us. Please keep them in your prayers as well. We love you Mom and Dad.
Jack and Deana

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prayers for Sweet YouYou........

2-25-09 YouYou came through her heart cath just fine this morning. They will know more about the results later. Please keep praying for this sweet girl!!
Hi friends --- please add this sweet little girl to your prayer list. Clara "YouYou" just came home from China about a month ago. Her parents and I have been friends since we were kids. YouYou is having a heart cath done tomorrow at a reputable Children's Hospital. She has some medical needs with her heart that will require immediate attention. They knew about these issues at her referral but didn't expect them to be quite as serious as they seem to be.
Now, if you know me, you know that I believe in the power of prayer and a God that is the Great Physician. He can heal her with the wave of His hand. Please pray for this family as they begin the journey to giving Clara a nice, long, happy life.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Deana is going to MD Anderson in Texas tomorrow and will be treated at there. Jack is at the hospital gathering all her records, etc. and they fly out tomorrow. It's not all "cheery" in that MD Anderson plans to do what the San Diego hospital would do....but at least its a fresh set of eyes....and maybe they'll add a fresh perspective.
Please for them even harder as they travel this new course.
Pray for, believe in, hope for, EXPECT a miracle!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


2/22/09 -- 6:30 EST -- This update came from another friend of ours.......
I just got off the phone with Deana and the difference in her voice, spirits and attitude was a 180 from Friday! Our prayers are lifting her up and she's ready to fight.
Tomorrow is a big day because the oncologists from her current hospital and MD Anderson will be formulating the next steps in her care plan. There is no time to spare as she needs to begin the next treatment which was originally slated for Monday. Jack and Deana have an appointment in Houston on Wednesday a.m. if the next step takes her there. Please keep sending healing thoughts and pray that the doctors can find a new direction to treat Deana so she can continue to parent her beautiful boyz (as she is truly amazing). Kudos to Jack for rallying Deana's spirits and for persisting even when she was at a low point.
Thanks to everyone who is praying fro Deana although you don't know her!! I know she feels them!



My Dad came up with this idea while we waiting for Ms. Sydney to come home. He is in sales so he is always in his car. Everytime he saw a yellow car he prayed for Sydney, her fostermom and everyone involved with her adoption. He mentioned it to our Sunday School class and before we knew people had picked out a car color and was also praying for Sydney. I mentioned it at school and teachers and parents were coming up to me saying "Do you know how many yellow, blue, red cars are out there"............. Some people told us they were sending postive thoughts and good wishes when they saw a certain color car. It gave us such a good feeling knowing how many people were supporting us.
Along with our Deana, I know there are several others are dealing with health issues, job issues, marriage and the list goes on and on. I will continue to find my yellow cars. It doesn't have to be more than a simple sentence -God knows what's on your heart.

PSSSSST............ be careful if you pick white or black!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Please pray for my friend Deana - URGENT!!!

My heart is so heavy for the Reynolds family right now. As many of you may remember, a couple of months ago, my sweet friend Deana was diagnosed with Burkitts' Lymphoma. At the time, the odds of knocking it out were so high that things would be fine in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, things have gone from bad to a hurry!!! Deana is married with 2 little boyz 4 & 2. Please read this update and PLEASE keep Deana's family in your prayers!!!


Dearest friends,

Deana and I met with her doctor today and received some disturbing news. Apparently Deana's cancer is not responding at all to the chemotherapy treatment she's been receiving these last several weeks. It has started to appear on the right side of her face causing a numbing sensation that Deana describes as 5 novacaine shots after a dentist visit.

Deana has tried two different chemotherapy protocols and is now going to start a third (possibly final) no later than Monday. We will know in as little as two weeks if it is successful.To our shock and utter dismay, the doctor is not optimistic about this round of chemotherapy, but given the odds are greater than zero, we charge forward. We will not give in.

Tomorrow, Deana's oncologist and I will each be contacting medical oncologists at M. D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX. Apparently their lymphoma treatment is the most progressive and if there are applicable clinical trials with experimental drugs -- should it come to that -- that hospital will be leading those efforts.

Deana wanted me to let everyone know that while we are hopeful, and are trying to remain positive, that the doctor did tell us that given the aggressive nature of Deana's cancer, we are dealing with just a matter of weeks for Deana if not addressed. He has encouraged us to contact Hospice.

I apologize for the impersonal nature of this update, but wanted to make sure to keep you all informed.Please keep Deana and our boys Zane and Zachary in your prayers. It means so much to us. We need them now more than ever.

Please, please take the extra moment to hug your spouse and kids today and often.Either I or Deana will post an update just as soon as we know more.

God bless you all,Jack

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am throwing it in the middle of the street!!!

I really and truly am about to!! This laptop has been NOTHING but a pain for the past 5 months. It was blowing up chargers, then the motherboard went out so it went to be repaired for 2 weeks. Got it back about a month ago but now it starts getting hot, humming and just shutting down.
I think this time they need to replace the darn thing!!! It's not even a year old yet!!! Sooooo, frustrating!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What do these things have in common??

If you guessed, naptime/bedtime friends, you are CORRECT!!!
It's an ordeal to make sure they are all in there. Then we must not forget that HUGE blanket she brought from the fostermom. She gets them all on her chest, she wraps her arms all around them, I tuck the blanket around EVERYONE and she goes to sleep!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pass it on.......

My dear friend Jill has this on her blog and I thought it sounded like so much fun. So this is how it works..... The first 3 people to leave a comment on this will receive a gift from me during this year. When and what will be a surprise. There's a small catch...You knew there would be didn't you? Post this on your blog then come back and leave a comment, telling me you're in. Fun, huh? Remember, only the first 3 comments receive the gift.

OH - And there's one person that I still owe a replacement gift to. Sorry that hasn't made it's way to you yet "M"!! It'll be on it's way this weekend. HUGS!!

Winner #1: My sweet friend Leanne!!!
Winner #2: My sweet friend Gail!!!
Winner #3: My sweet friend Linda (who I met through my sweet friend Tammy last year)!!!

A Sydney Girl Update

Today I took Sydney in for her last set of catch up boosters....thank goodness! She always does so well and just wants to snuggle Mommy after the shots! I hate those shots!! Boohoo!! We don't need another "check up" till November when she is 3. Whew!

Anywho, just thought you'd like to know what her stats are ........ then and now:

November 24, 2008 (4 days after coming home) 21lbs and 31.25 inches

February 11, 2009 (home 2 months 22 days) 23lbs and (just over) 32 inches

So she's grown almost an entire inch and gained 2lbs in a VERY short period of time!! YAY SYDNEY!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What? I'm sorry I didn't hear you??

That's because my children do NOT have a VOLUME CONTROL!!! NONE!!! My house has been so loud this week, my ears LITERALLY have a reverb feeling in them when any sound is made.
Then we have the "tandem" name calling -
Mommy, Momma, Mom, Mommy, Momma, Mom....repeat!!

Combine that with the LACK of sleep during the great mouse adventure last night and what you have is one tired Mommy who feels as though her ears are going to bleed!!! I think I could sleep for a week!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


2/10/09 1:25pm
The mouse is STILL here!!! I NEED AN EXORCISM!!!! Anything that rustles, moves, makes noise, etc makes me almost come completely out of my skin!!! I can't handle this!!!!
12:30am UPDATE:
Well, the mouse is still hanging out under the hutch. It's there and not leaving....we can't get it. I have resigned myself to having to buy mousetraps tomorrow!!! I HATE MICE!!!
We have determined that's only ONE MOUSE.....which is ONE MOUSE TOO MANY!!
It's currently trapped in the den behind the hutch. Alan's trying to figure out to get him out of here!!! OMG!! I HATE MICE!!!
11:50pm UPDATE:
We have one behind the entertainment center and one in the kitchen!!! NOW WE HAVE TWO MICE!!!! CAAAAAAAAAAAAALGON!!! I'm gonna need therapy!!! I HATE MICE!!!
I am wishing I drank because there's a mouse in my den and I hate mice and we
can't find it and I hate mice! I'm walking across furniture. Won't be able to sleep-hate mice!!
We've been trying to flush it out for almost 45 minutes and I said several ugly things when it ran across the floor. I have to use the bathroom too but my feet have not touched carpet for almost 45 minutes. I hate mice!! Please pray that it goes away soon. I hate mice!!

Another new baby!!!!





Lucy is a 4 month old BULL MASTIFF. We got her this past Saturday 2/7 from Angel Bull Mastiffs in Russellville, Alabama. Lucy was one of 5 pups that needed a home. She is soon to be an AKC limited registered "pet". You can see the other 3 pups at They do ship or meet. You can get an EXCELLENT deal on these babies!! Please help Cindy & Cody Pierce find these babies a new home. Lucy's Dad, SAINT(fawn black like Lucy), is 2 1/2 and weighs "ruffly" 150-160lbs....... average size for a bully. Mom, ANGEL(brindle aka striped), is 6. She weighs "ruffly" 100lbs......a bit on the small side for a bully. We expect that Lucy will be about 115lbs at full grown.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More pics

Aunt Kim & Sydney

Fun with camera settings....

More fun with camera settings....

This is Alan with his HS best friend Mike.
They hadn't seen each other in 20 years.
He finally found him through some other friends on FaceBook.
We went to their house for dinner while we were in South Alabama last weekend.
It was super cool!!

Mike & his son Jonathan

Dadddddy......wake uuuuuuuuuup!!!

Syd: Whadda you mean I look like Don King? I'm gonna get you!
Luke: Hahahah - you still look like Don King!

Fun with hair.... I need some practice!!

Uhmmm, yeah, they were a bit crazy!!

How stinking cute is this girl??

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let me start by saying, this is MY STORY about MY KIDS! Any "bashing" or inappropriate messages will be DELETED! I'm not asking for approval or advice. Just answering some questions......
Here is your chance to tell your story! Copy and paste the questions into a new post and tag your friends if you'd like! Learn a little more about their experience and what adoption was like for them!
1. When did you decide to adopt?
April 2004
2. Was it a hard decision to make?
No -
3. Why did you decide to adopt?
We had major fertility issues and a bio-baby just wasn't going to happen without tons of intervention.We tried for almost a year with no success.
4. Did you choose an International or Domestic adoption?
We did Domestic for a year before God led us to International
5. Where did you adopt from?
6. Why did you choose that place?
Guatemala chose us.....we saw a picture of Luke and thought he was a domestic newborn. He was SOOOO light complected.
7. Do you incorporate any traditions from that location into your child's life?
We do have some cultural flare in our house and we've gotten involved with a Guate playgroup. We will do more as they get older.
8. When did you receive your referral?
Luke - April 25, 2005Sydney - December 9, 2006
9. How old was your child at that point?
Luke - 24 days
Sydney - 25 days
10. How did you receive the news that he/she was going to be yours?
We used a photolisting site and actually chose our children. That was really cool because we prayed over the children and let God direct us.
11. Were you able to go visit your child before pick up/ delivery?
Luke - 1 trip in August 2005
Sydney - March 2007; June 2007; November 2007; January 2008; April 2008; Late May 2008
12. When the time came, did you go get your baby or was he/she delivered to you?
We traveled to Guatemala
13. How long was your wait?
Luke - almost exactly 7 months from when we saw his pic to when we landed in the US.
Sydney - oh heavens FOREVER -- 1 year 11 months
14. What was your reaction seeing your baby and knowing they were yours?
Luke - We were so thrilled because we wanted a baby so badly!!!
We waited SOOOO long for Sydney. I was overwhelmed and nervous and joyful and scared and....I couldn't believe it!! She was finally, legally ours!!
15. How old was your child when your brought him/her home?
Luke - 7 mos 16 days
Sydney - 2 years
16. How was the transition home? Any bonding difficulties?
Luke's was a breeze. He was at a great age. Slept immediately, loved on was so easy!!
Sydney's has been a little more difficult since she's older and there's another child in the house so close to her age. It's been a bit of a roller coaster at times. All in all, she's doing pretty darn good!
17. If you had to do it all over again, would you?
18. Do you plan on adopting again?
Lemme think about......NO! We are done!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fostermom's SPECIAL blog

Got an email from our sweet FM today........she has finally been able to log onto her SPECIAL BLOG that we set up just for her. AND SHE LOOOOOOOVES IT!!! I am so excited! I even figured out how to make the backgrounds for it so I can change it up!!! I am so happy that she likes that it's especially for her AND that she is loving seeing Sydney so happy!!!