Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Should I Be Concerned?

My daughter sings the "GOLDBERG LAW FIRM" commercial.....
You know the one.....
Sing it with me now......
Yes, she does!!! And it is hysterical. I'll have to record it!
Maybe that means I've been watching too much Maury!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Syd LOVES rocking in Nana's chair!

Daddy & his babies!

Yep, he's a teenager but he still loves his Dad!

My honey and me!!

I believe this is a picture that you've all been waiting for!!

My sweet Luke.....or LouLou as Sydney calls him.

Awwwww, just being so sweet.....

Then all of sudden.....I SAID STOP PICKING ON ME!!!
She absolutely tackled him and held him there! Wish I had a picture of the "frame" between them laying on the pillows and this. It was hysterical!!
That's a whole lotta Guate in Nana's lap!!

We're having fun....can't you tell??

Look Mommy, I'm riding the tricycle!!

And I'm being pulled around on it too!!

You wanted pictures!!!!

All 5 grandkids, in one room, for Christmas....FINALLY!!
Tess, Luke, AJ, Taite & Sydney
My Momma and Daddy were beyond thrilled!!!

I am SO thankful for this photo!!!

My little cowgirl!!!

My little cowboy


Luke and his VERY OWN travel pillow like Mommy's

Move over Rachel Ray!!

Sydney's VERY OWN travel pillow!!

Ohhhhh, bed head!!! Lovin' her new pink chair!!

They call him the streak!!
This is what we could get of Luke on his brand new bike!

My Daddy reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

My sweet Tess, workin' that scarf!! little DIVA!!!

AJ, doing his very best, BORED TEENAGE impression.

Ever tried to herd cats? Well, that's what it's like to take a picture of 3 toddlers, 1 infant and a teenager!!! My Momma was LOVING this!!

Alan's Momma reading to Luke

Alan's Momma playing with Sydney

My sweet AJ

"Nee Nee" loving the car ride!

Sydney, hanging her very first ornament in her FOREVER HOME!!!

Luke looking for PERFECT placement!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

News from the Jones'..................

Ok, just a quick overview of the past week. I have been a TOTAL slacker since I started FaceBooking! Boy, that's been fun!! I am also trying to download some pics to document this update on the laptop today as well, so be patient with me!! :-)
  1. When Sydney came home on 11/20, she weighed 21lbs. I am happy to report that after only being home a month, she's now up to 22.8lbs and eats just about everything you put in front of her. Sometimes we have to stern with her about finishing but she is doing great!
  2. Sydney has started ASKING to go on the big potty!! She has been doing both from time to time for about a week now!! It all started the weekend before Christmas at my inlaws house. Sydney gets SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited when you put her up there and she actually goes! I'm thinking she might be PT'ed very soon!! Ohhh, no diapers...wouldn't that be freaking AWESOME!!!
  3. Sydney got a "haircut" yesterday. Her very first one with us. It wasn't really a cut, it was more like "DEATH TO THE MULLETT" ! We just shaped things up so it could grow out into a really sweet little bob!
  4. We are making HUGE strides in the COMMUNICATION department! This girl is quick!! I mean, so quick, we are in TROUBLE when she really starts talking. Here is a short list of words she uses REGULARLY: Mommy, Daddy, AJ, Luke, Sydney, Nana, Poppy/Poppa, Please, "wuv you", AJ's at school, i don't know, hi, bye, pretty, happy, Jo-Jo(our dog), light, juice, YIPPPEEEEE, NO, blanket, Elmo, Pooh, Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, Dora, Manny, baby, shoes, eyes, nose, mouth.
  5. We still have issues with bathtime from time to time but things are starting to level out. She's beginning to play in the tub with Luke. She does seem to do better when he's in there with her.
  6. Very seldom do we have any screaming for naptime or bedtime. If there is any crying at all, it lasts about 5 minutes at most. As long as she has Pooh, Elmo & her is good! And she is still sleeping anywhere from 10-12 hours per night, straight through. Naps are now 1-2 hours on average.
  7. Syd has her first dental appointment at the end of January. Our pediatrician says her teeth look AWESOME. Thanks Vivi!!
I will post about Christmas as soon as I get those pictures downloaded. Suffice it to say,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This girl never ceases to amaze me

Let's preface this story:

Luke is the KING of "I DON'T KNOW" when you ask him something. Doesn't matter if he knows the answer you want or not. Everything is "I DON'T KNOW"....especially when he's doing something he's NOT supposed to!

Soooo...........Luke is in the den with us and Syd is CRAZY quiet. Luke goes to find her and she comes be-bopping around the corner with a diaper in her hand. Upon asking her what she was doing, she replies....clear as a bell:


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Follow up doctor's appointment

Sydney had her 2nd ped appt today. He just wants to make sure her vaccs/imms are all good, so we did some boosters today. Sister girl has gained 1.8lbs in the month since she's been home!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! Doc said she's doing great........see them again in 6 weeks for another set of boosters. Can't wait to see what her weight and length is then!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am sitting here at the inlaws, jumping online for a minute. Alan and his Dad had the kids outside b/c it's like almost 75 degrees here and muggy....they were just having a blast. Anyway.....Syd comes in and starts yammering away. So, I ask if she has fun. She says "Si". Walks over to me, lays her head on my lap. I look at her and say "I love you". She looks up at me....and says "Wuv you".

Friday, December 19, 2008


Yep, our FIRST FULL sentence:
"AYDAY ZAT COOL"...all said while bouncing & pointing at his room.
"AJ is at school"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Laptop is currently in the hospital

Yep, something in it is fried. Even the Geek Squad was TOTALLY bumfuzzled by it. New battery and charger. Won't charge, overheats, shuts off. All kinds of stuff. It's less than a year old and we had to send it to the service center tonight. It'll be 2-3 weeks before we get it back. Alan and I will be sharing his laptop until it is fixed. Bear with me!

This is the transcript of my day.....

Not just today but EVERY DAY!!!!

Sydney: Mommy
Mommy: Sydney
Sydney: Mommy
Mommy: Sydney
Sydney: Momma
Momma: Sydney
Sydney: Momma
Momma: Sydney
Sydney: Mommy
Mommy: Ok Sydney, that's enough.....
Sydney: MomMY....SKGJSEKGJSHSS,DMSNGSKGHSGHSGVNM VXMB XMBGJSGHSHNSBN......(don't have a clue what she tells me)


Always room for 1 more?

Got your attention, didn't I? That title is simply part of the name of my blogland sister's blog.

How would you like some FREE CHRISTMAS goodies???

This blogland sister is giving away a few items this season.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008



Monday, December 15, 2008

Writer's Block

I got nothing......NOTHING!!! Don't even know what to write about right now. Even when I have, doesn't feel like anyone is reading. I don't have an adoption to vent about anymore, thank heavens!! We're settling into a routine at our house. Luke still makes Sydney nuts and he's throwing some INSANE tantrums. Aaron is going to be the death of me while he's in 8th grade!
Guess now might be time to take that break I talked about off and on for almost 2 years, huh?

Friday, December 12, 2008


Sydney took a bath, with Luke tonight and there was NO....I REPEAT NOOOO SCREAMING!!! Only a minor moment when she gagged on water in her face from the hair rinse. OH! MY! GOSH!! We have had major freak outs for a month....which cut down bathtime down to an "absolute neccesity" about 3 times a week!!! And I believe the ONLY reason she got out then was because she was SHIVERING so badly her teeth were chattering....

Ok now, if you are here from Facebook

Drop a comment....I'd love to know that you came by!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I THINK I AM ADDICTED!!! I am slowly starting to
figure it out and.....
Uhmmmm, I REALLY LIKE IT!! OY VEY!!!! Just what I
need, another OBSESSION!!! :-)
And ya know what......I'm reconnecting with people I have not seen in AGES and I LOVE IT!!!

A month already?

How did that happen? I cannot believe it!! Sydney has been in our arms forever for a MONTH...A WHOLE MONTH!!!! We have come so stinking far in a month.

  • From her not wanting anything to do with me to calling out for me before anyone else!

  • From demanding a bottle NUMEROUS times a day to not having a bottle in almost 2 weeks....NOR DOES SHE ASK FOR THEM ANYMORE!!!

  • From calling out for "PaPa" to calling him "Daddy"(1/2 the time) like the boys do!

  • From hellatious tantrums one after another to only one every couple days(except bedtime/bath)!

  • From not knowing how to really run to CHASING her brothers around our house!

  • From ignoring a sneeze to SAYING IN ENGLISH....Bless you(BESS CHU)!

  • From not being so keen on riding in a carseat in Guate to SCREAMING and CLAPPING when we get in the carseat!

  • From her not liking me and me not being too terribly fond of her to actually loving each other a little more every day!

The list goes on but you get the gist! Things are going pretty darn well in the BamaGirl family!!! It's still hairy some days and I am stressed beyond measure sometimes but things are getting there. And for that alone, I am so thankful!!!!