Sunday, December 28, 2008

News from the Jones'..................

Ok, just a quick overview of the past week. I have been a TOTAL slacker since I started FaceBooking! Boy, that's been fun!! I am also trying to download some pics to document this update on the laptop today as well, so be patient with me!! :-)
  1. When Sydney came home on 11/20, she weighed 21lbs. I am happy to report that after only being home a month, she's now up to 22.8lbs and eats just about everything you put in front of her. Sometimes we have to stern with her about finishing but she is doing great!
  2. Sydney has started ASKING to go on the big potty!! She has been doing both from time to time for about a week now!! It all started the weekend before Christmas at my inlaws house. Sydney gets SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited when you put her up there and she actually goes! I'm thinking she might be PT'ed very soon!! Ohhh, no diapers...wouldn't that be freaking AWESOME!!!
  3. Sydney got a "haircut" yesterday. Her very first one with us. It wasn't really a cut, it was more like "DEATH TO THE MULLETT" ! We just shaped things up so it could grow out into a really sweet little bob!
  4. We are making HUGE strides in the COMMUNICATION department! This girl is quick!! I mean, so quick, we are in TROUBLE when she really starts talking. Here is a short list of words she uses REGULARLY: Mommy, Daddy, AJ, Luke, Sydney, Nana, Poppy/Poppa, Please, "wuv you", AJ's at school, i don't know, hi, bye, pretty, happy, Jo-Jo(our dog), light, juice, YIPPPEEEEE, NO, blanket, Elmo, Pooh, Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, Dora, Manny, baby, shoes, eyes, nose, mouth.
  5. We still have issues with bathtime from time to time but things are starting to level out. She's beginning to play in the tub with Luke. She does seem to do better when he's in there with her.
  6. Very seldom do we have any screaming for naptime or bedtime. If there is any crying at all, it lasts about 5 minutes at most. As long as she has Pooh, Elmo & her is good! And she is still sleeping anywhere from 10-12 hours per night, straight through. Naps are now 1-2 hours on average.
  7. Syd has her first dental appointment at the end of January. Our pediatrician says her teeth look AWESOME. Thanks Vivi!!
I will post about Christmas as soon as I get those pictures downloaded. Suffice it to say,


Faith, Family, Future said...


So very happy she is doing so good and loving everyone. Glad everyone had a fun Christmas and can't wait to see the pictures.

Hopefully my computer problems will be fixed sooner than later and I can stay on top of things better.

Love to you all,

Tonya Boster said...

Hi Kristi. I have been following your story since last spring. I am so happy for you all and that Sydney has come such a long way since she has been home with you all. Can't wait to see the Christmas pictures!

Take care,