Monday, December 8, 2008

How do you spell DISASTER?????

We spelled it FAMILY CHRISTMAS PHOTO SESSION on Saturday!!!! OH! MY! LORDY! I cannot even begin to tell you what a fiasco it was! Luke was stubborn and disagreeable, Sydney was in HYSTERICS the ENTIRE time, AJ(bless him) was tired of being the ONLY one smiling or looking at the camera!! It was so awful, after the FIRST background shots, I called it quits. We NEVER even made it over to the Christmas background!! One step in there and Ms. Wildcat went nuts!!! We have NO pictures of the children together. Only a family shot.......ONE family shot was worth purchasing. It was so bad and so crazy, we only bought the cheapo advertised package deal, a vingette photo and some Christmas cards. We didn't even get to get the CD that all the pics are on ...... NOW THAT IS BAD!!

I'll try to scan in our ONE AND ONLY picture later tonight................for now, it's off to the grocery with her Majesty.

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Valerie said...

We wanted pics of the kids together and took them on Sat. It was a HUGE disaster! Logan, of course was perfect, but Ava, the little diva was not having any of it. She screamed the whole time. We got one pic of them together and it sucks! I was NOT going back to do it again! It must of just been a bad weekend for our girls and pics.