Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Blog is Fabulous....who knew?!?!

My sweet friend Cheryl got one of these pics on her blog, from our equally as sweet friend Shannon and named me at the very bottom of her post....which means she is passing it on to me!!! The only requirement is that I have to list my five biggest obsessions (in NO particular order) and then pass it on to another blogland friend.
1. Hi, my name is Kristi and I am a BLOG-A-HOLIC!!!
2. I love shopping for my little GuatePrincess....LOVE IT!!!!
3. I am obsessed with Alabama football!!
4. I am obsessed with CUSTOM MADE clothing(think Creations by LouLou).
5. Here lately I've been OVER THE EDGE with wanting a GOOD, FULL NIGHTS SLEEP!!!
Alright, uhmmmm, who do I tag that hasn't gone yet.......uhmmmm........I TAG TERRI and her BROWN EYED GURLZ!!!

1 comment:

terri s said...

Oh Kristi! I am so touched and flattered! I had not been here the last few days since you said you would be MIA.

After tonight's game :~( I hopped on the net to surf and came here. I never dreamed my young blog would get this honor.

Thank you and Roll Tide!