Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Family's Heart Breaks Today

Please keep CARLA and her family in your prayers. I do NOT know this family and didn't know of their blog until moments ago. This family was just about 3 weeks away from bringing their 5 year old daughter home from Guatemala. Last night they received an email that Josi was murdered in a home invasion in Guatemala. Along with some of her foster family. From what I hear, Josi was an amazing little girl and she was coming to amazing Godly family.

PLEASE lift them up in your prayers as their entire life has been turned upside down. They were also not notified in time and they had a funeral for her today. Her US family was not even given the opportunity to participate. Please just keep their family in your prayers and hug your babies a little tighter tonight!!!!


terri s said...

Kristi, you are so thoughtful to share this news so that others can pray for this family at this time.

What a beautiful little girl and what a beautiful story this family has. I pray God can use this to His glory.

Ana's Mama said...

How awful. I can't even imagine how someone could do this. It makes my heart heavy. God Bless Josi and all of those who loved her.