Monday, December 1, 2008


Ok, let me just tell you now.....If you have NOT bought anything from my sweet friend Lou, please reconsider!!! OH! MY! GOSH!! I just received Sydney's "Winter Fun" outfit.....TO DIE FOR!!! Made with love by "HER" LouLou!!!

Little Miss Personality

The "POUT"

Little Miss Sassy Britches

"I'm cute, huh?"


LouLou said...

OK, Those pics are priceless....She looks adorable in her Creations by HER Loulou! I can't wait to see her in her custom Bama outfit!!!! Have you taught her to say Roll Tide yet??

Bill and Melodie said...

ANd you even got the hairbow in... Hey Loulou, I need a couple of Bama outfits too!!!

Bethany said...

Adorable pics! We really should order an outfit, but right now we are strapped for money. I plan on purchasing one in the spring. Love Syd's different faces!! SO CUTE!!!

Jordan said...

Love all the wonderful pictures. She is so pretty.

By the way, those snow pictures are so funny. Can I bottle up some and send it to you? My nieces just were here from Arkansas her 2 year old didn't like the snow. :)

terri s said...

she is adorable, love that outfit. I really do want some Lou Lou outfits.

looks like she is adjusting well. how's it going?


Bill and Melodie said...

I am so excited, she is going to make me a couple of Bama outfits!!!