Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a TREMENDOUS pain in the rear!!!

Leave it to my sweet friend Kris to put it in perspective for me:
Let's say you get $2000 back. If it takes you 2 hours to get the paperwork together, you're making $1000 an hour! :)


Let me start by saying that I am so insanely thankful that Alan's employer has a SIZEABLE adoption assistance re-imbursement!!! So thankful, there are no words.


Please, someone, tell me why a LETTER FROM THE AGENCY stating what we paid them(not including travel, foster care, medical, USE) is NOT sufficient evidence that we spent that money. I mean helloooooooooooo.....................they sure as heck didn't do this for free!!! All they would have to do is call to verify the letter.

I have to go back through credit cards statements and bank statements and fostercare wire receipts, etc, to PROVE that we paid the full amount they will re-imburse. The letter from the agency is almost THREE TIMES the reimburseable amount!!!
Here I sit, printing off page after page after page of statements that include ANYTHING and EVERYTHING related to Guatemala. Then I have to go through and black out all the stuff they don't have any need for. All the while, a copy of a letter from the agency sits in someone's insufficient evidence of money paid.
FUN FUN FUN........NOT!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kristi, that stinks. Can you look at your credit card statements online? Mine has an option to search for only certain payees within certain dates, so none of the other 'stuff' shows up. This would save you blacking out all the other items. Good luck.


Valerie said...

WTF!? For our first adoption when I was working all I had to do was show a reciept from our agency and our adoption deed. For our second with my husbands employer we had to do the same thing. I can't understand why they are doing this to you, no fair or fun!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say the IRS requires receipts of payment too... that is if you get audited. Make sure you keep a copy of everything you find just in case.

Keith and Kris said...

If this makes you feel any better...

Let's say you get $2000 back. If it takes you 2 hours to get the paperwork together, you're making $1000 an hour! :)

Bethany said...

Wow! Sorry to hear that!

The crockpot recipes are coming from that blog. I can't imagine using it every day of the year, but so far, the recipes that I have used of hers are GREAT! I just tasted the black bean soup and it's YUMMMMMMYYYY!! Try it out!