Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sydney's First Cold

Yep, we have our first cold around here......and it took 2 months!! We have weepy, watery eyes. A constant, clear drip from on nostril or the other. A tickley, drainagey cough and a stuffy nose. She has no idea how to blow her nose yet and is SICK of me wiping it. I believe everything we own might have snot on it. Hopefully it'll pass quickly.


Shannon said...

I hope Sydney feels better. People need to get a life if they are offended by's your blog. They are your children. Good grief.

Sydney said she loves you--you've come so far, so fast. God is good!

If you do end up going private, don't forget to let me in!!!


Valerie said...

It sucks when your child is sick. Logan was sooo sick the first year he was home, it was one thing after another. Ava on the other hand has been home almost a year with only one cold, that's it!
Hoping Sydney gets better soon and no one else catches it!

Bethany said...

Hope Sydney gets to feeling better soon. You've been lucky that this is your only cold. We were healthy for quite some time and then BAM we were sick for what seemed like forever. Use wet wipes for wiping seemed to help a bit with Caroline.