Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thanks Guys -

I have received so many emails, PM's, IM's of support from so many of you. You have no idea how much they mean. It's been a really bad couple of days. I never dreamed I'd come under fire for calling my child "GuateTot" or stating that I am tired and that a certain stage of toddlerhood was going to kill me. I never dreamed that being honest would invite people to tell me how wrong I am and in the same breath tell me they weren't judging me.
As for the "GuateTots" thing.....I still find nothing wrong with that term. I really truly honestly don't. And believe me, I've been given ALL KINDS OF REASONS why I should. Even so far as to tell me that God wouldn't like it because of "XYZ Scripture" reference. I am so sorry if that offends you but please, don't let it eat at your soul like this one person did. Ya'll know my heart and my love for my kids. Even when they make me absolutely certifiable.....I would give my life for them....all 3 of them.
Anywho - I'm moving on. I'm done with the DRAMA. This is my blog. It's my place to tell what's going on in our world. It's my place to get my feelings out there and exhale. If you find things offensive, just remember --- not everyone agrees with everything and that's ok.
Love you all!!!