Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New Blog ---

I have started a new blog.......JUST for Sydney's fostermom!! It's so hard to email back and forth sometimes because a majority of the time, the e-mail system down in Guate is splotchy at best. So, I have set up a special blog just for her that only she, Alan and I have access to!!! Anyone willing to "pimp" it for us PRO BONO?? :-)
Now I can post pics and updates (translated into Spanish of course) any time. I can tell her little stories about the funny things she's doing, etc. Our FM can look at it whenever she wants!! I hope she REALLY enjoys it!!


Anonymous said...

Leave it to my loving friend to think of something like this. I can only imagine what it would mean to any FM to be able to watch the child she took care of grow with their "forever" family.

See..... this is how loving, giving and special my BamaGirl IS!

Valerie said...

Wow! Thats so awesome! What a fabulous idea.

Jordan said...

Great idea! Our blog is for the birth parents and anyone else.

Cheri (prounounced Cherry...really!) said...

What a GREAT idea! I'd help you pimp it out if I could. I've been trying to learn to update my look of my blog, but it's hard with a Baby Girl crawling on you!!!

Eva said...

That it's so great! Being part of a guate foster family myself I can tell they will be thrilled!
Getting pictures and updates from the baby you took care of and love dearly can be the happiest thing.