Thursday, January 1, 2009

How does she do it??

Sydney's crib has a fold down top edge. It's clipped on each end and is tough to latch if you are one handedly attempting it much less using 2. Almost EVERY morning, when I go to check on her, it's UNLATCHED and folded back down. Last night I actually heard it fall open through the monitor!!! Luke's arms aren't long enough to do it simultaneously(which means neither are Sydney's) and he was in bed when it happened. AJ was just back from his trip and was dead to the world when it happened.
Any ideas? This is starting to freak me out!!!!


happykosmo said...

Don't know! Last week I could hear T's play cell phone ringing. We were in the family room, the phone was in her bedroom! Totally freaked me out! (someones calling from inside the house!) Finally figured out she had put it under running water and the thing was toast.

I'm sure there is an explanation. Have you been watching Mcgiver?

Ana's Mama said...

It sounds like Sidney may be ready for a toddler bed. Does yours convert?