Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"Maybe you should call them your children or the small children or little ones, GuateTots sounds cold, like they are objects. They are just babies and Sydney is just home a short amount of time, you must have patience, its your job as their Mother to not "lose it"."


Well now, isn't it nice when we can feel so bold as to give advice, yet HIDE behind "ANONYMOUS"?? I mean really.....come on out. Tell me who you are. IF and that's a BIG IF you knew me, you'd know that the term GUATETOTS is used as MY TERM OF ENDEARMENT for MY CHILDREN! If you for ONE MINUTE believe that it is meant an other way than with MY WHOLE HEART, you are officially UNINVITED from my blog. Matter of fact, the term "GuateTots" is VERY WIDELY used among the Guatemalan Families. I didn't coin that one.....I borrowed it.
As usual, I am almost positive you are the one who has heckled me before...... GO AWAY!
And really, I don't care what your opinion is on my post. Atleast I admit that I have moments of frustration and struggles. Anyone who can be so perfect must feel good to comment anonomously to lowly Moms like me. Must be nice to be so perfectly patient all the time...as I am sure you are.
From now on, please keep your comments to yourself.......