Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yes! It's ok to sing at the table and other ramblings from Casa de Jones!!

It really, really is!! And ya know what.....we sang the "Diego" song at breakfast this morning....and we sang it LOUD, LONG AND STRONG!!! We might even do it at lunch too!!! :-) Well, partly because the SWINE FLU closed the THREE school systems in our county of 2 PROBABLE cases.....siiiigh. You do what you have to in order to get through 2 days of NO daycare!!! :-)
Soooo.........things have been a little crazy at Casa de Jones lately!!! I mean, C!R!A!Z!Y! Research paper and a history project for AJ. End of school year. Planning some summer trips. Figuring out how to phase Sydney into part time daycare for her sanity and mine. Wanting to PURGE this house but not knowing where to start, so we cut back some bushes and stuff in the yard. You get the drift.
AJ had baseball tryouts this week and will be playing for the Monrovia Diamondbacks. I can't believe my BABY is playing Babe Ruth baseball. Siiigh......and what makes it even worse is that I am filling out his HIGH SCHOOL scheduling forms after I finish this blog update. We go back to the orthodontist in May to find out when the braces come off. We're looking at late July/early August. Thank goodness!!! Where does the time go? My sweet baby will 14 in July.
A few weeks ago, Alan and I decided that Luke's behavior, sleep, etc just had to be discussed with our ped. Talked to him and he agreed that he needed to see an ENT. Called the ENT, got in to see him on April 28. Doc says his tonsils are DEFINITELY too big and they need to come out. They are causing Apnea, restlessness and a ton of other stuff. While he's in, he'll also take out his adnoids and evaluate for tubes. Luke had LOTS of ear infections as a baby and the doc says there's lots of build-up we can't get to down by the eardrum. So, out it all comes and the tubes may go in.......we'll update that on Monday after the surgery! Glad that we have an ENT that doesn't wait around!!!
Sydney's language has just blossomed. She's quite the little parrot!! Uhm, that means I need to be more careful, huh? She's all over the place and will begin a new stage in her life next week. We'll start her in daycare. She needs the socialization and needs to know that others are able to help her but that Mommy will ALWAYS come back for her!! Her attachment is FINE, so ya'll don't worry yourselves over that. I tell Alan that she's so close to me that if I sneezed she'd come flying out my nose!!!! Our sweet princess is turning out to be QUITE THE DRAMA QUEEN though!! Help us all!!!
As if that isn't enough, I took a pretty nasty fall on Sunday night. Typically, our dogs sleep in the garage, even in the summer but the other night it was so nice out we decided to let them stay out. Well, after being woke up several times by our Lab's barking, I decided this wasn't going to work. The pups were going in the garage. Our Lucy puppy went straight in. Joise, not so much. I finally coaxed her to to the backdoor area and just as we were about to come in the house, she decided she wasn't going in. Josie jumped around, tangled up in my feet and took them out from under me. As a result I went down into the metal porch swing. I whacked my head, sternum, arm/hand and knee. I went out for a minute and ended up with a tennis ball sized goose egg on my noggin!! YEEEEOUCH!!! Have a pretty good knot on my arm that hurt when someone even glanced at it. Let's not forget the layer of skin that got left on the patio from my knee!!!
Well, the next morning, my head was ok. It hurt but it was managable. My arm, WOW, it hurt!!! By Tuesday, the swelling had NOT gone down at all, so I made an appointment at the Ortho Center to get it looked at on Wednesday. Fortunately, it wasn't broken just have severe soft tissue damage and a bruised nerve. Also found out that some point I broke my hand between my ring/pinky fingers at the hand knuckle. The doc asked me when I did it and I told him I had no idea that it had ever been broken. He showed me the xray and sure enough, there was a calcification there. Have no idea when it happened.....I'm not terribly co-ordinated so there's no telling!! Anywho, I'm in a brace for 3 weeks and go back for a recheck in 2 weeks. It's a pain but I'll take the brace over a CAST any day!!!
That's it for now.....hopefully, we're back on track after a little break.

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Aaron and Erica said...

Oh my goodness Kristi...I'm so sorry about your fall. You sound like me though, clumsiness is my middle name.