Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HaPpY bIRtHdAy LuKe!!!

Where does the time go? This time 4 years ago, I was working at Harvest Elementary School, going about my daily tasks. The students were trying to play April Fool's jokes!! It was a nice day and oddly enough, I actually remember ALOT about it!!!!

I had no idea that while all this was going on, a young woman I would never meet was giving birth to my a country I had never really given much thought to......that would result in adopting internationally instead of domestically. A country and a people that are now occupying a HUGE place in my heart!

Luke, we learned about you when you were 3 weeks old. You came to us in the form of a picture ..... a picture of a CHUBBY CHEEKED, 8.5lb baby!! That's one big boy in Guate!! You stole my heart with that picture and I knew that God had destined you to be my son!!!

Here we are 4 years later and you are a rough, tough, spirited, smart, hysterically funny little boy!!! Even when you are making me crazy, you are my Sweetie Punkin' and I love you bunches!!!



Kristine said...

Happy Birthday, Luke!!!! Ethan and Emily sure wish they were there with you to help celebrate. Eat plenty of cake for us. :)

Leanne Helums said...

Happy Birthday Luke!!! We cannot believe that he is 4.
Love, 4th grade teachers