Friday, April 10, 2009

Doing my part to "SaVe the TaTa's"!!!

Ok, I went for annual physical today and everything checked out great.......
Now that I've hit the big "35", I get to go to the "BOOB MASHER"!!!!
My FIRST mamo is scheduled for next Thursday April 16 @12:15pm.


Michelle said...

You have fun with that...practice by laying down on the garage floor and running the door up and down.

Mindy said...

Isn't it so grand being a woman!! I have had three already and let me tell you it is no fun. Especially when you have no ta-tas!



Sheri said...

Where are you going??

Valerie said...

Have fun, if you can! I have another two years before I have to be put thru that.

Keith and Kris said...

FWIW, I didn't think it was as bad as I was expecting. Hopefully you'll have the same experience!