Sunday, April 26, 2009

BoReD wItH BlOgGiNg............

So tired of reporting the same old stuff. I still have not finished Disney pics, Luke's b'day and some random other pics. Sad huh? My get up and go to blog, just isn't there right now.....any suggestions to get my rhythym again??


Julie P said...

It depends on why you blog. Do you blog for you, or to document stuff for posterity. If its for you and your enjoyment, sounds like you're not having any fun at it lately, so as much as I hate to suggest it, maybe you need to take a break. If its for posterity (I make a book every year out of my blog - I use it instead of scrapbooking, b/c I can't seem to find the time for scrapping and blogging eases my mommy guilt) then I would say start on something that seems manageable - like one day of disney at a time and I bet once you feel the sense of accomplishment of getting that doen you'll be inspired to do more.
Really long comment, hope it was helpful.

~Issy said...

I'm like Julie, i blog in place of scrapbooking because i'm about as crafty as a nail. There are places that will take your blog and make it into a book so you don't have to scrapbook...and then you can pass it along to your children.

Maybe you can talk about adoption? Or Guatemala? Or maybe do a give-away?

A break is always good though....i've taken my share of 'em!