Saturday, November 22, 2008


UPDATE: 11/22/08 9:30pm
Both GT's fast asleep in their own beds!! Sydney's fit was a WHOLE 15-20 minutes from start to finish. The intensity was NOTHING like her nap one. She never moved from where I tucked her in. We'll see what naptime holds tomorrow.......
Alan laid down with Luke to settle him down. He was WOUND UP and started his meltdown well before Sydney!!!
YEP! Two GuateTots tantrumming at the SAME!!! Well, that's LOUD!! But ya know what, I got through it with AJ/Luke and I've won one battle with Sydney! BRING IT ON!!! :-)


Jill said...

Kristi, I'm so happy for you guys! Not the tantrum part, but the rest, YAY!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry for the probably stupid question, but are your children still Guatemalan? I thought they became American once they were keep refering to them as the GTs, so I am confused.