Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good Question......

"I am sorry for the probably stupid question, but are your children still Guatemalan? I thought they became American once they were adopted.. you keep refering to them as the GTs, so I am confused."

Dear Anonymous:

Not a stupid question at all!! Our daughter JUST came home 10 days ago after 22/23 months trying to get home!! :-) Our son has been home for 3 years. Yes, both of our kids are naturalized American citizens. HOWEVER, they are still Guatemalan by heritage, regardless of where they live(just like an Italian, German, Mexican, etc). So, the nickname "GT's" stands for "GuateTots". Just our nickname for them..........

PS: For our adoption journey to Sydney and our timeline to homecoming, please visit our adoption blog.


terri s said...

what an absolutely wonderful way to answer that question. No, it was not a stupid one. I am glad that people want to know more about our children, but prefer when it is an innocent question, or one that is worded delicately.

So far, my favorite question was when E and J came home (I got it both times), E came home at 15 mos & J came home at 11 mos. The question was: Do they speak Spanish? I ask you, does any infant speak ANY language when they are 15 or 11 months???? :~P

Roll Tide!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I hope you write one day of how you are keeping their heritage in your family. Do you think you will visit Guatemala with them one day?