Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, yesterday morning....the first morning we wake up all in the same house, my 3 kids were piled in the bed with us. Now, before you think that's AWESOME.....that is REALLY AWESOME because in GC, Sydney would NOT sit anywhere near the pillows or covers with you. But yesterday she was piled up in the bed, with her trusty blanket at her side.
Luke is loving all over this girl and she handled it pretty well, all things considered! Luke was wanting her to "give him 5", so we told him to hold out his hand and say "CINCO"(5 in spanish). Sure 'nuff, the desired effect.......we had some "Hi 5's" and some "Low 5's". Well, a few minutes into it, Luke obviously forgot what the "magic word" was.
I hear him leaning in for some "5" and he's saying, over and over again, "TACO, SYDNEY! TACO!!!" She really looked at him like he has three heads until he started saying it right!!! Tooooo funny!!!


Keith and Kris said...

That is too cute!

Katie said...


Valerie said...

Aww, Luke sounds like such a sweetie!