Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, Miss Wildcat.....called this because of what she sounds like when she's having a rip-roaring fit, was given a CIO at naptime today!!! Now, before some of you tell me that's just awful, to let that baby CIO, please remember that this is the first one she's had in the 12 days she's been with us. And it was MUCH needed!!!
Anywho, she got her bottle and we got her all snuggled in to take a little siesta. Well, little Miss Thang was all good.....till the bottle ran out! Then, uhm, not so much!! It started out as Papa, Mommeeeee, Papa, Mommeeee!! Just calling us. We went in to soothe her, to talk to her, to pat her. But she was having NONE of that. And if we picked her up, she would stop immediately and smile, ready to play. We put her back down and after 15 minutes of screaming with nothing but 'tude, we told her it was sleepy time and we left the room, closing the door behind us.
And the tantrum began!!! Jumping in her crib, screaming, yelling, crying....but NO puking!! :-) You would have thought someone was killing her. I am so glad we are not in that hotel room anymore. We would've NEVER been able to do this there. Fortunately, we are home and the "sleep training" has begun. The whole "nap tantrum" lasted 30 minutes. At the 20 minute mark, she has cut the fit in half. After 25 minutes she was just kind of fussing. At 30 minutes, she was OUT COLD!!!
Alan and I stood our ground....................both kids, out cold for naps by 2:30!!! Wonder how long it will last? We need to go out and buy a new washer.....ours died while we were gone. Yep, flooded my laundry room on Sunday of last week. Ruined my newly replaced flooring from the last washer incident in July. Nice, huh?


Linda said...

All I can say is hang tough! When we first brought ours home (and still sometimes), I kept thinking of that song, "When an irresistible force such as you meets an old immovable object like me..."
Sorry about your washer and floor --- that stinks.

Katie said...

Love the new blog !!

Downtown Judi Brown said...

Glad that ya'll made it home safely! I'm sure life will get better everyday.....Sydney will probably do much better after seeing the wonderful example your boys are showing! It had to have been way more stressful for you to be couped up in a hotel room for so long. Heck, my family gets stir crazy after just a day or two! Ashley said today that she can't wait to meet Sydney, so let us know when you get settled in & are ready for visitors. Ashley LOVES playing with our Guatemala neighbor boy who is very close to Luke's age. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Take care!

Valerie said...

Yep, we used the CIO method and it works. The doc. even said it was ok. Now Ava doesn't even cry when you put her down. Wish I would of used it with my son, but I was too much of a wimp back then.