Friday, November 28, 2008


What a jerk!! A jerk I tell ya!! I am sitting on the couch, enjoying my quiet time this morning. All the kids(Alan too) are still in bed. I hear the trash truck enter the street in front of our house. CRAP - THE TRASHCAN!!! So, I go running out and put it on the curb. Garbage guy passes our house and continues up the road. Being the stubborn chic that I am, I stand on the driveway and wait.
Said Garbage Guy loops the subdivision and pulls up in front of the house. Looks out his window and says, "I talked to your husband and I will NOT pick up your trash if the can is sitting on the edge of the curb. ONLY on the street. You can push it across the road here and I'll get it but this is it. I won't pick it up if it's on the curb."
Trying not to raise a fuss or ruin my chances of ever having my trash picked up again, I said "Fine." Finally got the stupid thing OFF the "no-no curb" and pushed it across the street. Trash was dumped and back up the driveway we went.
NOW, here's my issue:
He pulled up BESIDE my trashcan, hesitated and drove on. Instead of just telling me that and picking it up, he had to stop......tell me about it......wait for the can to be pushed across the street and then empty it. He could've saved himself SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much time. And please, when did it become a PROBLEM to pick my can up when it's PERCHED on the curbs edge? I have lived here, in this house, for FIVE YEARS and suddenly it won't be picked up unless it's on the street!!! I think I'll be calling Dale Strong, my county commissioner.

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Valerie said...

What! And our trash guys won't pick it up if it's on the street. We are a stictly on the curb town.