Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hairbow holder.....

Well, as many of you can atest to, Sydney has more hairbows than she has hair!!!


As a result, she has quickly filled up the sweet "Angel" holder that and Aunt Tammy/Amanda made her. Soooo, on a whim, I decided to try my hand at making her a BIG ONE!!! And I must say, I'm pretty darn proud of the way it turned out!!! There are a few things I would do differently and I wish I had made pictures in stages but I didn't even think about a picture till the end!! All total, I think it took me about an hour or so to make.

Materials from Michaels:

flat wood sign - $2.99

felt letters with wood backing - $2.40 (total)

black glossy paint - $1.99

4 yards satin ribbon - $3.52 (total)

Grand Total: $12.00 (approx)

Pretty good, if I do say so myself!!! :-)


Bethany said...

Awesome job!!! I love how it turned out!

Jerry said...

Really cute. When you outgrow this one, a french memo board makes a great bow holder. Just slide the bows over the crisscrossed ribbons and snap 'em shut. Jerry

Aaron and Erica said...

Okay that is toooo cute! I need one!