Monday, July 27, 2009

Deana's battle is over.......

There are no words:

Dearest family and friends,

It saddens my heart to let you know my dearest Deana has spread her angel wings and is flying above us all now. Deana left us gracefully and peacefully around 1:30pm central time today. There is no doubt that she is now looking down smiling upon us all. Here in Houston it is sunny for the first time in days, very likely due to Deana spreading God's curtains of storm clouds, and letting the sun shine through.This last week had been tumultuous and Deana's beleaguered body just could not keep pace with her soaring spirit. Ever the consummate fighter, Deana left this world awash in love from her dear loving parents Bruce and Martha, her brother Ryan, Aunt Laurie, niece Kylie, best buddies Missy and Debi, our precious Zboyz Zane and Zachary, all of you and me. She touched so many lives. It's important--VERY important--for you to know that YOU have touched ours. I will never forget the love and support you've shown our family. I will continue to raise my Zboyz to be compassionate gentlemen, impressing the importance of love for fellow man.I also want to acknowledge the relentless support and adoration of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center's and Scripps Memorial Hospital's staffs. All of Deana's doctors and nurses hold a special place in my heart. Thank you all for trying so hard to save our Deana. Some marvelled at how I remembered everyone's name and face. How can I forget the dear souls who cared so well for my wife? God bless you.I also want to publicly recognize my colleagues and managers at Cisco Systems. My company has been Deana's stalwart supporter, always at my disposal, always at the ready. The Cisco TS and CAP family rallied around mine when we needed it most, allowing me to spend quality time with my bride, keep my Zboyz safe, and give us piece of mind. So Chris, Mike, Paul, Curt, Joe, Emma, Alison, Jill, and fellow CAP managers, God bless you all.Deana told me just weeks ago I was her guardian angel. Now she is mine. I will miss her dearly and now yearn to go home to be with my Zboyz, where I am needed most. I will most likely return Thursday, but will not leave Houston without my wife.My best friend Brad arrives tonight, and I look forward to seeing him. He and his wife Michelle have been there for our family like so many. Brad and I were each other's best man, and would walk on fiery coals for one another. I love you bro.To my brothers Lee and his wife Ewa, Grant and his wife Jillian, and Mark, to my parents Opal, Jack and Doug, and to my grandmother Opal, thank you all for being there for Deana, our Zboyz and me. Deana loved you all so very much.I have learned so much through this ordeal -- no doubt we all have. In my profession my peers and I "prevent the preventable" through Lessons Learned, sparing valuable customers, Cisco or its partners from any shortcomings experienced elsewhere. In that very vein, these are the following lessons learned in Deana's triumphant ascension to Heaven:1. Have blood or platelets? Donate them. There is no greater gift you can give another human, but a chance at life.2. Hug your family. Do it often and for no reason at all. You will all feel better.3. Family and friends are everything. Without them one is lonely. With them at your side, ALL things are possible.4. Never, ever quit. No matter what, rise to the occassion. It's what makes life worth living.(Details on darling Deana's funeral are forthcoming. I will leverage Caringbridge to share that information).

God bless you all,Jack and in spirit, Deana

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Lund7 said...

Breaks my heart...I remember when she was first diagnosed and followed it on an adoption board. Do they have a blog or could I get the CaringBridge site from you? So sorry for your friend's passing.