Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Last fall, my friend Lisa's WHOLE life changed. She was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer. After the initial shock wore off, Lisa vowed to
and give this nasty disease a run for it!!! Well, breast cancer met it's match with her!!! Lisa is a mother of 2, a wife, sister, friend but most of all she's a
Well, and she is a
so she rocks!! :-)
Since the minute she was diagnosed, Lisa has jumped in with both feet to help educate others. She has supported people in the same place, researched tirelessly, volunteered and has fought to overcome every obstacle thrown in front of her. All the while trying to keep her 2 kids lives as normal as possible!! Now it's time for her efforts to TRULY pay off!! Lisa has decided to start her own website to be a wealth of knowledge for those people who need the same help she did.
In order to get the best possible design for her site
Lisa has entered a blog give away contest and needs
vote!!! Knowing what you know now, would you
and leave a comment on her entry as to why Lisa Mittleman should be given this
$6,000 WEBDESIGN!!!
You'll be glad you did........ THANKS!!!!
(PS: Please tell your friends and post it on your blogs!!)
****To sweeten the pot, if you vote for my friend Lisa, leave me a comment. I will pick a winner after the contest is over and send you a "prize" for supporting my sweet friend in her journey to help others fight breast cancer!!!****

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Lisa Mittleman said...

awww Kristi! what an amazing write up! you make me sound so good LOL!

thank you!!!