Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today my oldest son, my only biological child "graduated" the 8th grade. His last year of being a "kid" and entering the big world of high school!!! The world of cars, girls, sports, curfews, friends....oh and school!!! :-) My son is growing up and moving on whether I am ready for him to or not. Wasn't it just yesterday that he was in Kindergarten? Maybe even 5th grade? Such big deals are made out of those 2 years. Pomp and circumstance....honors, awards, achievements, certificates of completion. Excitement as they enter a new stage in their lives.....ESPECIALLY 6th grade.
As these children work towards finishing middle school and heading to high school, you would think that there would be a little "Pomp and Circumstance" heard as they officially left the 8th grade. Moving towards growing up....becoming a young adult. Not at Aaron's school....not unless you had achieved "academic excellence" or were voted student of the semester/year. If you weren't getting an award you weren't recognized. Sad, huh? You got to sit and watch the same handful of kids receive award after award while you were..........AVERAGE. A regular kid with regular grades. Why isn't it ok to be average anymore????
As a result of my disappointment, I composed a letter/email that I emailed out to our principal, asst. principal and County Superintendent relaying my feelings of sadness that my child is not looked upon or recognized because he's a good kid, not a troublemaker, respectful and *gasp*.... AVERAGE!!! Hopefully that letter will make a difference in the years to come.
Maybe one less parent or student will feel slighted for being AVERAGE.......

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Lund7 said...

Good for you to take a stand and try to get our "average" children recognized! My oldest is also leaving middle school this year and heading off to high school...where did the time go?? You guys finish up the school year early...our kids go until June 12 this year!! When did your school year begin?