Sunday, February 22, 2009


2/22/09 -- 6:30 EST -- This update came from another friend of ours.......
I just got off the phone with Deana and the difference in her voice, spirits and attitude was a 180 from Friday! Our prayers are lifting her up and she's ready to fight.
Tomorrow is a big day because the oncologists from her current hospital and MD Anderson will be formulating the next steps in her care plan. There is no time to spare as she needs to begin the next treatment which was originally slated for Monday. Jack and Deana have an appointment in Houston on Wednesday a.m. if the next step takes her there. Please keep sending healing thoughts and pray that the doctors can find a new direction to treat Deana so she can continue to parent her beautiful boyz (as she is truly amazing). Kudos to Jack for rallying Deana's spirits and for persisting even when she was at a low point.
Thanks to everyone who is praying fro Deana although you don't know her!! I know she feels them!



My Dad came up with this idea while we waiting for Ms. Sydney to come home. He is in sales so he is always in his car. Everytime he saw a yellow car he prayed for Sydney, her fostermom and everyone involved with her adoption. He mentioned it to our Sunday School class and before we knew people had picked out a car color and was also praying for Sydney. I mentioned it at school and teachers and parents were coming up to me saying "Do you know how many yellow, blue, red cars are out there"............. Some people told us they were sending postive thoughts and good wishes when they saw a certain color car. It gave us such a good feeling knowing how many people were supporting us.
Along with our Deana, I know there are several others are dealing with health issues, job issues, marriage and the list goes on and on. I will continue to find my yellow cars. It doesn't have to be more than a simple sentence -God knows what's on your heart.

PSSSSST............ be careful if you pick white or black!!!

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Downtown Judi Brown said...

That is such an awesome idea & I plan to implement it TODAY! I also feel like I live in my car, so now I can make something positive out of my daily drives!!!