Saturday, February 28, 2009

A HOPE-FILLED update on Deana....

Here is the latest from Jack ---


Dear family and friends,

Deana had a pretty good day yesterday, all things considered. We took her down to get out of that hospital room and she and her parents listened to a children's jazz band-of-sorts while I went back to the hotel to get showered up.

Deana's oncology team came in to reiterate the complex treatment facing Deana. At that time the doctors still didn't know exactly what treatment they wanted to pursue.

That has since changed! Deana begins her chemotherapy today. Today is a VERY big day for Deana. The doctors are going to try something DIFFERENT than what Scripps suggested, and this is giving us a lot of hope. Please keep Deana in your prayers today.

Deana's pain management is getting better too. Chronic pain doctors have spent a lot of time listening to Deana and have modified her pain medication. It's making a big difference.

Have a great day everyone,

Love Jack and Deana

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~Issy said...

I'm so glad that you have a 'hope-filled' post on your friend Deana. MD Andersone is the very best place to be...she will be in very good hands there.

Please keep updating on her...