Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Here is the latest update on my dear friend Deana. This is what her hubby, Jack, posted on their Caring Bridge site.....please please pray for God's hand to be on this family. Pray for a miracle.
Deana and I met with her Lymphoma specialist today. The doctor agrees with Deana's previous doctor on the EPOCH chemotherapy protocol, and frankly shares his concern for its viability. The two previous protocols were much more promising.Clinical trials are most likely a not an option for us as Deana's central nervous system is under duress from Burkitt's and she has thus far endured a mixture of different chemo drugs. Most clinical trials are single drug trials.
STILL, we march forward! Deana and I will not give up hope, however slight our chances. We have decided to stay here in the hopes that the doctors see or experience something different that the Scripps team did not. We need your prayers, now more than ever.
Deana will be admitted tonight into the hospital as they begin more preliminary testing. Chemo won't start until this weekend. Right now it's focus on Deana's increasing pain and constant nausea.
We love you all and agreed now is as just as good a time as any to get this post out. We're devastated, but NOT beaten. We will not give up or in.
Our boys are being taken good care of and Deana's parents are working on travel arrangements to join us. Please keep them in your prayers as well. We love you Mom and Dad.
Jack and Deana

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