Saturday, September 5, 2009

Life's been hectic the past 2 weeks!!!

Wow, the past 10 days have been just NUTTY!!!!

I started my new job at Teledyne Brown Engineering on Wednesday 8/26 --- note to self ---
Nothing like a crash course in learning the ropes during the BUSIEST time of the month!!! WHEW!!!
But I survived it and
I *L*O*V*E* IT!!!!
I'm still learning all the duties that come along with my position but LINDSAY, the chick that's training me, ROCKS!!! We've become friends quickly and she is insanely patient with me!
Good thing!!!


Alan's Dad came to visit with us this week too!!!
George got here on Monday evening and stayed till Thursday morning. He not only got to hang with us and totally enjoy the grandkids but he also got to visit with some of his closest friends while he was here. The kids absolutely LOVED having Granddaddy around and
He REALLY needed that.
It was so weird for him to be here without Grandmother. It's been 2 months and 1 day since she went to be with Jesus. It's been really hard on everyone. Please keep George in your prayers......after 55 years of a partnership, he's having a very difficult time being on his own.
Luke has started t-ball and it wears me out!
I dreaded watching it when AJ played and it looks like I still feel the same way!!!
T-ball ...... whose idea was that?
A field full of children who aren't terribly co-ordinated all running after a small white ball that's been cranked of a T.
Can't we just skip straight to coach/machine pitch? That's where the fun really begins!!!
And I still have 2-3 years of it....OY!!!!
Please let Sydney want to me a dancer or a gymanst or something!!! :-)

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