Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Deana's Stem Cell Update......

2:20 pm EST JUNE 4, 2009
GREAT NEWS! Deana just met with her doctor and while 5M harvested stem cells is the optimal number (and they are continuing to harvest today) the numbers are “good enough.” The doctors plan to move forward with the bone marrow transplant next week! Deana has a long day in front of her still: blood transfusion, platelet transfusion and then harvesting. She’ll be at the hospital for many hours and has a morning appointment with the doctor to schedule the steps leading up to the transplant.Please keep Deana and her family in your prayers – keep the mantra up for 5M cells - the medicine and positive thoughts are working.
10:00 pm EST JUNE 3, 2009

An update from Deana as relayed via Deana's Aunt Laurie . . .

"I'm so tired after spending hours and hours in the hospital that by the time I get back to the motor home, I'm too tired to get online and do it myself. I really appreciate that you will spread the news for me.”

"They collected 1.6 million stem cells on Monday and 1.2 million yesterday. I don't know the counts for today and I will go in again tomorrow. The minimum number I need is 5 million" "If I only get 1 million today and 1 million tomorrow, I will be 1 million short, so I'm hoping that these shots they have been giving me are working to bring my counts up. (She had one today.)

"The pulmonary specialist was a great guy. He really worked with me to help me pass the (respiratory) test. I needed to score 50 and only got 48. He said not to worry about it, though and I really liked him. I asked about taking it again a couple of times today, but no one knew the answer, so we're just letting it ride.”

"They tell me I should start getting stronger now that the shots are over -- I had my last one tonight."I'm having a difficult time with the strength in the fingers of my left hand, so it's hard for me to type. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to answer everyone's emails and messages and do my own updating. My chemo brain is just so tired and after these long days, it's hard to do much of anything. Last night I didn't get home until 11 pm and then had to be back in at 7:30 this morning.”

"I really appreciate all the thoughts and prayers everyone is sending me. It means so much to know that you are all out there praying for me and thinking about me. I'll let you know when I can how we are doing and what's going to happen next.”

As always, Deana sends her love..........


NOW is the time to storm Heaven with prayer to bring up Deana's stem cell counts and give her the strength she needs to pass her respiratory test (insurance required). We LOVE you, Deana! Keep the faith and please get your rest. You will get your 5M stem cells!

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